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West Lakefield offers three plans to our clients the Road Map, Trip Advisor, and Co-Pilot, which all aim to help guide an individual or couple to a stable financial status.

Once a client selects their program, we will move into what we call the "discovery phase" where you will give us some information about your current financial health to determine your financial position and outline your goals for the next 12-months. Next, we will schedule a call to go over your information, so we can create a custom plan with directions that will ensure you arrive at your best financial health.

Now, we let the plan work itself. The first month is the hardest because we need to set up the system, the second month is trusting it will work, and the third months is watching everything work... for you!

The Road Map

The Road Map is for clients who have a solid understanding of their finances and just looking for some resources to ensure they are headed in the right direction. This service comes with two consulting sessions, a 12-month budget forecast, and a detailed budget action plan.

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The Trip Advisor

The Trip Advisor is for clients who have a vision of where they would like their finances to be, might need some assistance getting there, and would want the occasional check-in to ensure their plan stays on track. This service comes with six consulting sessions, a 12-month budget forecast, and a detailed budget action plan.

The Co-Pilot

The Co-Pilot is for clients who want an all-expense paid experience to a new financial future. This service comes with eight consulting sessions, a 12-month budget forecast, a detailed budget action plan, one mid-year resetting of your 12-month budget forecast, and assistance setting up any needed new accounts.

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